About The Zipsicle


My wife and I love our VStar 1300. Powerful enough for highway speed 2-up riding, yet very nimble in the corners. I had a smile a mile wide as I rode her home from the dealer's. Here's how it looked the day we brought it home...




We had ordered some goodies at the same time we got the bike but most of it wasn't in stock when we took the bike home. Here's how it looks with Yamaha 19 inch windshield, Yamaha "Big Bar" engine bars, "Royal Star Tour Deluxe" handle bars, Yamaha luggage rack and Mustang Wide Tourer rider's and passenger's seats. We later replaced the Yamaha 19 inch windshield with a 21 inch CeeBailey's windshield and added some small, drilled aluminum flat bar to move the windshield forward and to tilt it backwards a bit. Tilting the windshield allows for smoother airflow over the top of the shield resulting in less turbulence on our helmets. Here's the windshield installed with "Buck's Lowers" for added buffeting protection...


V-Star 1300 with stock windshield


We've also installed a Gorilla motorcycle alarm system. The indicator light blinks when the alarm is active and protecting the bike...




We added an aftermarket license plate frame with LEDs for brake and signal lights to help other drivers see us. Here's the signal light activated...





This is how it looks when the brakes are activated. We also added a "BackOff" brake light modulator. When we use the brakes the BackOff modulator flashes the brakes lights rapidly on and off 5 times and then puts them on steady. Very effective!





Another addition we made was adding engine bar chaps. These are great for cutting the wind that comes up from below the windshield along with the "Buck's Lowers" and help to keep rain off our legs and feet. Notice we now also have a gear bag on the back on the stock luggage rack...





What a treat it was when I turned the key on one morning and noticed that we had just turned 1300 miles on our VStar 1300...





We added a Stebel Nautilus horn. At 139 decibels it really wakes up the driver who's not paying attention or yakking on their cell phone - or both...





Here's a good view of our aftermarket RoxSpeed riser and extended, braided cables installed on our RSTD handlebars. The stock handlebars made my back and shoulders hurt. Now it's as comfortable as sitting at home in the recliner...




We also added some nice, quality, leather saddlebags...




The saddlebags are handmade by a US company called, appropriately enough, "US Saddlebag". Also note the passenger floorboards by Cobra. Much more comfortable for my lady than the stock passenger pegs were...



Bike mods to date -

RSTD Handlebars
Cobra CL Fuel Processor
Roxspeed Riser
Braided Control Cables and Hoses
Chrome Radiator Cover
Yamaha Big Bar Engine Bars
Engine Bar Chaps
Saddlebags from US Saddlebags
Yamaha Touring Hard Saddlebags
Mustang Wide Studded Tourer Rider and Pillion Seats
Protac Rider's Backrest
CWI Luggage Rack
BackOff Brake Light Flasher
Headlight Modulator
Cobra Speedster Xtra Longs
SSCC Custom Air Kit
CeeBailey's Windshield
Buck's Lowers
Cobra Rider Floorboards
Stebel Nautilus Horn
Progressive Front Fork Springs
Optilux 1102 Driving Lights
Gorilla Motorcycle Alarm
Mutazu Trunk
Cobra Speedster Xtra Long Exhaust
TomTom Rider 2nd Edition GPS
Kuryakin ISO Grips Modified with a Throttle Tamer from G2Ergo
Windshield mounting location and mounting angle changed
Amber LED lights at the front brake caliper replacing the stock amber reflector
Red, round LED lights replacing the rear, side, red reflectors
Audiovox CSS-100 Cruise Control
Metzler Marathon 880 Tires
Chrome license plate frame with both amber and red LEDs

We're pretty pleased with our VStar XVS 1300 and look forward to a lot of very enjoyable miles to come. Thanks for visiting!









Welcome to The Zipsicle motorcycle website. On these pages you'll find pictures of our 2007 VStar 1300 known as "The Zipsicle" and our 2003 Goldwing GL1800. You'll find mods we've made tto the bikes, trips we've taken and places we've been. We hope you enjoy your visit...